Total below 3.5

Dynamo leaves an ambiguous impression after the restart of the championship: the club won 2 games out of 3, but the victories were only late in the games. Dynamo first beat Krylia Sovetov at home with a score of 1-0 (Tyukavin scored in injury time), and in the last round they beat Urals by the same score, with Tyukavin also scoring a goal at the end of the match. In between these matches there was a trip to Krasnodar, where Dynamo was unable to oppose anything and lost 1:3. In general, Dynamo does not impress with the game, there are problems with the attack, so it is difficult to expect many goals from the Moscow club, especially since the opponent will play in second place. Now Dynamo is in 4th place in the championship, but I don’t think it will advance, on the contrary, it is likely to fall a little, as CSKA is second only in additional indicators.

Sochi changed coach in the off-season – Kurban Berdyev joined the team and many expected a significant improvement in the game from the Sochi team, especially in defence. Sochi started confidently, defeated CSKA at home (2:0), but then in 2 matches there were very unexpected results: first the club lost at home to Orenburg (0:4), and then in Voronezh to Fakel – 0:3. I think the break in the championship will be in favor of Sochi: the team will restart, the coaching staff will make changes and we will see a significant improvement. Now Sochi is in the middle of the table, the fight for survival is not in danger, so you can safely finish the season and think about the future.

Sochi will certainly want to play the most reliable defense after 2 devastating defeats. Dynamo now has problems with positional attack, it will be difficult to break into the opponent’s defense, so if the hosts score, it’s a maximum of 1 goal. Sochi will also not be satisfied with the goals scored, they will focus on defense, so I bet that no more than 3 goals will be scored. Anyone who wants to take a chance can bet on a total of less than 2.5, which is estimated to be a good odds.