Baltica is the only leader of the championship race. After 20 rounds, the team broke away from the nearest chaser – “Alania” by 2 points.

It is worth noting the perfect balance that coach Sergei Ignashevich managed to achieve. His team is the leader in terms of the number of goals scored in the league, and in terms of goals conceded, it ranks second.

In the first leg at home, the home stadium factor can help the hosts. An influx of supporters is expected to miss the match and push the hosts forward. And with Kaliningrad remaining the premier league’s most visited arena, support is assured.

The Baltic countries have not been active in the transfer market, so we should expect the same close-knit team with a high level of interaction on the pitch.


“SKA-Khabarovsk” at the end of the autumn part of the championship gave a strong spurt, in which they scored 5 wins with 1 draw with a total score of 19:5. The team’s winter break came at the most inopportune time. The team is currently in 5th place in the table with a loss of 4 points to the field of play.

According to head coach Roman Sharonov, his style of play can be described as brave and balanced, and most importantly – watchable. The most important principle for his teams is to understand the players perfectly on the pitch. This is confirmed by the largest number of players in the league (8) who scored 3 or more goals.

This favorably distinguishes SKA-Khabarovsk from other clubs that are addicted to personalities and do not have such a level of interaction.


Against the backdrop of strong support from Baltica fans and the incredible variety and unpredictability of the SKA-Khabarovsk attack, I think the teams will organize a real scoring celebration.