The Canadian team, not fully expected by its numerous fans, lost in the last round to the Swiss 2:3. And this failure somewhat spoiled the overall picture of the successful performance of the founders of hockey at the upcoming World Cup. But this time the “maple leaves” will have a completely loyal opponent, whom the nominal owners here must defeat in one gate. He boldly led his previous brilliant offensive performances against Kazakhstan 5-1, Slovenia 6-2 and Latvia 6-0. Where the Canadians basically knocked out the ITB 4 ​​we needed!


As for Norway, what chance do the humble northern “Vikings” have of avoiding defeat? Who are noticeably inferior in class to a Canadian team, even almost entirely consisting of AHL players. And if the Norwegians concede 3 goals from low-budget Kazakhstan, it’s scary to think what the bad “Maple Leaf” hockey players after Switzerland can do with the “Vikings” defense!


Nothing good ended for the Norwegian and her recent personal encounters with Canada at the last World Cup. There, the patriarchs of stick and puck games celebrated victories over the “Vikings”, eg clear and usually one-sided results: 4:2, 5:0 and 5:0. So there will be absolutely nothing surprising and fantastic if this time the red signal lights up at least 4 times in front of the gates of Norway.)