Hershey Bears

And so came the decisive final game in the last phase of the current AHL, which has already stretched to the limit. Where the Hershey Bears and Cochella Valley Firebirds will meet not for life but for death. Let me remind you that now the total score in the best-of-four series is 3:3. Thus, it becomes clear that “bears” and “firebirds” are unlikely to get things overly open here. Risking absolutely everything in this way – a prestigious title, a big prize from sponsors, the possibility of going to the NHL, etc. So I am inclined to make the highest price of this match cool even the hottest heads of hockey players who will appear here on the site. As a result, the local development of a purely pragmatic scenario is not excluded at all.

Firebirds of the Cocella Valley

Well, Cocella was literally one step away from a total defeat, losing before the last game to a much more experienced opponent with a score of 2:3 (Firebirds lost in all away duels with Bears). Not to mention the fact that the entire current recent series takes place in a completely reckless productive grip. After all, both of its participants actually revealed themselves only in 2 cases, when the results were 4:4 and 2:5. And in the remaining 4 meetings, there was actually rather restrained hockey.


It is also worth noting that in the last personal match between Hershey Bears and Cochella Valley Firebirds, a spectacular anti-hockey 0-0 draw was born, which is very rare in hockey. So, as you can see, if necessary, “bears” and “firebirds” can do without dropped discs at all, thus paying tribute to the lottery of extra time. Seemingly, the most persistent, most interesting, but still colorless game in attack awaits us here. As a result, the goal bar will miss number 6.)