Hershey Bears

Swing mode doesn’t end with final clashes between the Cocella Valley Firebirds and Hershey Bears. Where fans of the American Hockey League witnessed a true palette of final results. As a result, the “bears” prevail today with an aggregate score of 3:2. Which, however, with a certain nervousness, are probably waiting for their own return to the ice of “firebirds”. Where Hershey’s defensive formations were very similar to the first part of this title in the initial clashes with Cocella. When the attack of the Firebirds just knocked the opponent off the field with the scores 5-0 and 4-0. I think that the unstable defense of the guests may not withstand the pressure of the hosts again!

Firebirds of the Cocella Valley

And of course there will be plenty of attacks tonight with the fervent support of Cochell’s home crowd. After all, it is the home court that is the main asset of the Valley Firebirds in this final. Where before the attack of the “firebirds” looked simply unstoppable and even magnificent. After breaking through such bulky ITBs as 3.5 and 4.5!


Cochell’s coach tried to use pragmatic defensive tactics in the previous game against Hershey, which had already led the Valley Firebirds to defeat. So it’s almost certain that the Firebirds bosses will return to their favorite open style tonight, which helped Cocelle take the Bears off the ice a little earlier with devastating results. It is also worth noting that in the third, only away game, the Firebirds managed to score a hat-trick (4:4). Therefore, I don’t see anything special here about ITB 2.5 from Cocelli for a good ratio.)