Firebirds of the Cocella Valley

As it turns out, the Cocella Valley Firebirds are too dependent on the home field factor in this year’s American Hockey League Finals. Where the California Firebirds initially had 2 home wins over the Hershey Bears. But with the transition to the “den” of the “bears”, Kochella immediately noticeably took the game in the wrong direction. As a result, the series total was leveled after the Firebirds lost first 4-5 in overtime and then 2-3 in regular time. I think that this time “firebirds” may have big problems.

Hershey Bears

Let me remind you that the Hershey Bears are AHL veterans who joined there in 1938, that is, the hosts of this fight play in the second most important hockey tournament in America from the very beginning of its existence. Of course, for such a gigantic period, the most experienced “bears” have already eaten more than one dog, based on a well-known saying. So, in terms of elementary experience, the farming club of the famous Washington Capitals is still leaving in the final round in progress!


And so another funny clash of explosive, but as it turned out, very unstable youth and deep respect and experience, wise for almost a hundred years. Where I still pay tribute to the arms, legs and clubs of the Hershey Bears. Well, the Cocelle Fire Birds, only in their first season in the AHL, still don’t have the iron, cold-blooded ice stamina to defeat the American Hockey League patriarchs with ease!)