Firebirds of the Cocella Valley

In good shape, she approached the final series of Cocell. Throughout the playoffs, the team suffered 6 defeats in regular time. And that’s 22 matches. But Valley Firebirds in particular is convincing in the extreme segment. The team has not lost in regular time for 5 matches in a row. Directly in this series, the first 2 games turned out to be very easy.

Hershey Bears

The Hershey Bears could not respond to 2 confrontations even with an abandoned puck. After that, the team found themselves in a difficult situation, burning the score 2-0 in the series. However, the home match turned out to be the hardest. The Bears only managed to wet the serial score in overtime.


There is every reason to believe that Game 4 will be difficult for the Bears. The team scored 4 goals in 3 matches of the series, which is not much. He says the attack is having difficulty. While Cocella scored 13 goals in the same number of meetings. It has to be assumed that Cocella’s understanding is better when it comes to breaking enemy defenses, which is only a plus in the end. So I assume that Cocella won’t lose in regular time. Especially since the team knows how to do it against the Hershey Bears. In the history of the first second in regular time, they have never lost.