Dallas Stars

Dallas looks unconvincing in the second half of March. 4 defeats in 7 matches saw Sheriff’s team fall back to 6th place in the West. After a not so successful home series in which the Texans defeated Pittsburgh (3-2) but lost to Seattle (4-5 overtime) and Vancouver (1-3), Peter DeBour’s team went to conquer Chicago, where a team with the same named was defeated 4-1.

Arizona coyotes

No NHL team is as dependent on home ice as Arizona this season. This modest team is now in 13th place in the West and if they show anything meaningful, it will only be in front of their audience. Andre Turigny’s team is ranked 8th in the conference in terms of home games and very rarely leaves the ice at Tempe without at least two goals, as seen in the current nine-match home streak with the desired result.


Due to the last two weeks, Dallas does not inspire much confidence, so I would prefer to play for the hosts. Arizona is much more confident at Tempe, where they average 3.22 goals per game, and the team is now on a very strong home run with solid points. The Desert Dogs have faced DeBury’s team three times this season and have been able to score two-for-two, so they may surpass that tally.