Dallas Stars

Dallas is ahead of Los Angeles in additional metrics and ranks second in the West. Now the Texans have a difficult six-game away series behind them, in which they have already played 4 duels. First, Peter DeBour’s team managed twice against Buffalo (10-4) and Seattle (4-3 overtime, 5-2), then lost back-to-back to one of the Vancouver outsiders (2-5). Already in 9 matches in a row the required sum was broken, but the long away series does not play in favor of the “sheriffs”.

Oilmen from Edmonton

After a tight victory over the regular season leader Boston (3:2), the Oilers could not capitalize on their success and lost to Toronto (4:7), although in the second period they were leading 3:1, and with the return to home ice cream Jay Woodcroft’s team in this in the same super-productive duel she defeated her compatriots from Ottawa (6:3). In the West table, Edmonton climbed to 5th place and will try to gain a foothold there, and the Texans have already defeated 6:3 this season.


At the end of last year, the teams traded 6-3 and 2-6 away wins and were very productive throughout the regular season. Within the required total, Dallas played in the last 9 games in a row, Edmonton in 7 out of 10 games. The choice of combination in favor of the hosts is due to a difficult away series of “sheriffs” (4 out of 6 played) which is exhausting flights and should see the extremely active “oilers” on the brink with their shock attack (the most productive league) that will strain the defensive formations guests with the support of the hosts.