Panthers from Florida

The first game of the current Stanley Cup finals series turned out to be a spectacular and goal-rich event as expected. Where the defensive orders of the Florida Panthers team did not fare well at all. It has already cracked 5 times under the unrestrained fierce pressure of the Vegas Golden Knights hockey players. As a result, the “golden knights” deservedly celebrated their first and probably not the last victory in the decisive series with a large score of 5:2. I believe that this time the powerful hosts of the site will not lose their effective goal at all!

Vegas Golden Knights

Yes, Las Vegas, both in the current playoffs and throughout the season, so far gives no reason to doubt its own ability to repeatedly terrorize the opponent’s defense from game to game. The same poor Dallas Stars guy in particular felt it all over himself. For example, he snatched a real bag of bitter pills attacking the Gold Knights in the decisive Semi-Final 7 matchup. Where the “stars” of Texas lost with a super devastating score of 0:6!


So it can be assumed that in the second game of the Stanley Cup finals between the Florida Panthers and the Vegas Golden Knights, absolutely nothing will change in the structure of the game of both participants. The hosts, of course, will once again fully open their offensive visor (why would VGN change the tactics that brought them a beautiful goal win a little earlier, right). Well, to complete an effective hat-trick needed to attack the “golden knights”, as we have already noticed from the first meeting, it is enough to turn on the speed and potential in at least one of the periods!)