Carolina Hurricanes

Carolina can’t take Boston, but Rod Brindamore’s team has yet to compete with New Jersey for second place. After the shutout in the meeting with Philadelphia (1: 0), the powerful “hurricanes” were clearly surprised that they received two shutouts in a row at home to Vegas (0: 4) and away from New Jersey (0: 4). 3), which makes us think of the beginning of the decline of the game. However, in Winnipeg’s last game (5-3), which clearly gave up, he showed up in time to score his 3rd.

Maple leaves from Toronto

Toronto ranks 4th in the East with 89 points. With a performance like this, New Jersey is unlikely to climb any higher, but their current position must be defended as the New York Rangers snuck within 3 points. Sheldon Keefe’s team has slowed down in recent games. First, there was a loss in regular time to Buffalo (3: 4), and then in a penalty shootout to Colorado. But in general, the “wild” at home are strong and have never lost more than two matches in a row, and Karolina scored the necessary 3 goals in an away match this season – 3: 1.


Two equal and worthy rivals and I wouldn’t say that Karolina in her current form surpasses the hosts. Still, two breaks in a row should carry some message, and Svechnikov is in the hospital. Toronto is playing strong at home and I expect the hosts to consistently score three goals in PM against the Hurricanes in 5 of their previous 6 head-to-head matches.