Dallas Stars

Dallas in the first round of the playoffs easily dealt with quite strong Minnesota, which was definitely one of the contenders for the Stanley Cup. It seemed that the Kraken would not be a big problem for the Stars. The Seattle-based Sheriffs series, however, turns out to be odd to say the least – Dallas as a whole looks good and perhaps even dictates its pace, but from time to time the Stars allow small catastrophic segments that bury the chances of success in a single game played. In Game 3, Dallas’ defeat came early in the third period – Dallas missed four times in six minutes without throwing a single one. Recovery from such a blow, of course, did not work. For now, however, the situation for the Stars does not look critical – if the visitors manage to win today, they will not only be able to equal the score in the series, but also regain the home ice advantage. Work on bugs will of course be carried out, so you can already believe in the guests today.

Kraken from Seattle

Seattle continues to surprise. After the triumph in the Colorado series, the Krakens cause Dallas maximum problems, although it seemed that the system team from Texas should be completely calm about the opponent. It is surprising that Seattle succeeds not by locking themselves in defense, but on the contrary, attacking and demonstrating great hockey in the foreign half. However, in the fourth meeting, the hosts may run into problems: after losing in the first game, Dallas managed Seattle very confidently in the second game, and now the same situation can happen again – The stars will come to their senses and gather their thoughts, because they had time for it. Seattle has the right to make a mistake, and owners can exercise that right.


You can’t underestimate Seattle anymore – the Krakens have shown that they should be reckoned with. But in the fourth game, the hosts will have a hard time, because Dallas remains a talented and very experienced team that has no right to swim in a difficult moment. I propose to believe that the Texans will equalize in the series with the league rookie – I bet on Dallas with a zero handicap!