Florida panthers

The right results from Paul Maurice’s team came just in time. Behind the representatives of the sunny country, the streak of 5 matches, of which they won 4 in the regular time. Such successes allowed the “Panthers” to advance to the play-off zone, taking 7th place, but it is too early to relax, because there is no advantage over competitors, and with falling Washington, you can and should play for the maximum number of points.

Washington capitals

“Capital” completely gave up at the end of the regular season. Washington lost their previous 5 matches, 4 of which were in regular time. If the defeat of Tampa (1-5) and Rangers (2-5) is absolutely logical, then the defeat of one of the outsiders of the Montreal season (2-6) in the last game is a full proof of the team’s mental decline. team due to the loss of even the slightest prospect of participation in the Stanley Cup. It is unlikely that Lavioletta’s players will be able to end the season with dignity.


Different conditions of the teams and clear motivation are now clearly on the side of the visitors. Florida has managed to get involved in the playoffs on time and is achieving the intended results. Washington’s team spirit is now at a low level and it is likely that the home team will not count points in this match, as in the previous “Panther” customizations this season – 2-5 and 3-6.