Kazakhstan has solved its main task for this World Cup – the team, which is not the strongest in its composition, has retained its place in the world’s elite division. Kazakhstan had some playoff chances, but in the sixth round of the group stage, Kazakhstan suffered a crushing 7-0 defeat to Latvia. To be honest, I expected that the Kazakh team would give the Latvians at least some fight, but the fight turned out to be frankly one-sided – the Balts did not give Kazakhstan a chance. Today’s match has no tournament value for the nominal hosts, so Kazakhstan is unlikely to be heartbreaking. Kazakhstan still has serious problems with the defense – in six matches played, today’s nominal hosts lost as many as 28 goals (five more than the same Slovenia). But the attack of the Kazakh team works perfectly, so the match in question may turn out to be clear.


The Slovenian national team will unfortunately leave the elite league, as today’s nominal guests have not scored a single point in six matches played. Slovenia scored six goals and conceded 23 in the six matches played. In the last round, Slovenia tried to keep the points – Slovakia defeated the Slovenians with a modest score of 1:0. But in the final match of this World Cup, Slovenia can afford to show off and play for fun: Slovenia, like Kazakhstan, is not particularly reliable, so betting on TB on this match looks very attractive.


Kazakhstan and Slovenia no longer have tournament motivation, so a full-time matchup could prove clear. Kazakhstan and Slovenia are just disgusting on defense, so don’t expect grassroots play. I suggest taking more than 5 goals in total to get very good odds.