New Jersey Devils

On the one hand, New Jersey has 4 defeats in the last 5 rounds, on the other hand, only two in regular time. And in general, the “devils” quite rarely part with points in the format of three periods. There were only 18 such cases in the 71 games played for the championship. Jersey is very effective in attack, he has 247 shots on target. But on defense, the team is not without fault, 193 times the opponents upset their goalkeepers. Nevertheless, such indicators will allow the Devils to finish third in the Eastern Conference and look with reasonable optimism to the future, the future in the playoffs.

Buffalo sabers

Buffalo theoretically could still fight for a spot in the playoffs. He has played two matches in the competition. But first, you still have eight points to recover by eighth place. There is very little time left for this. And secondly, thanks to what and who will get them back if the “Sabers” lost in 11 of the last 13 matches. In addition, in defense of the “blade” with a scythe from match to match. Washer differential is negative 251-263. And that’s an average of over seven goals per game. And often, most of them fly into the gates of Buffalo. Take at least the last two battles against Boston and Nashville. Both scored seven goals for him. Earlier, Philadelphia also sent five…


… They’re sure to show off around Buffalo and New Jersey. He hasn’t made very bad use of his moments this season. Yes, the team does not have super marksmen like McDavid, Kucherov, or at least the same Thompson from Buffalo, who is ranked 11th on the list of championship marksmen. Jersey is strong in teamwork. Even defenders have very decent performance metrics. How much is Hamilton worth, who scored 66 points in the system of goal + pass. So a few or more goals scored by the Devils against one of the most porous defensive lines in the regular season is sure to become a reality here. But at the same time, the “sabers”, although they lose goals in batches, as we can see, they are not in debt. In a rare duel, they leave the ice without two or three successful shots. It is possible that in the announced duel the spectators in the stands will not be bored and will see at least 6 light signals in front of the teams’ goals. As for the winner. “Devils” still look better here, even though they will play on the road. Away games this season have generally been their element. In regular time, they lost only five away matches of the championship. In turn, Buffalo is the penultimate East team in home games. Only 10 clean victories in 36 battles. Based on the available facts, I dare to assume that New Jersey will not lose in three-quarter format and at least six goals will be scored in those quarters.