AK Bars

Hardly anyone expected that AK Bars would bring two victories from Omsk. Be it his own fans, and even those filled with fanaticism, and not a sober assessment of the situation. And she brought “green”. What’s more, if in the first game they were lucky in overtime, in the second they managed to grit their teeth to make it almost to the end of the third quarter with zero, and six minutes before its end they realized one of the few scoring chances. Incidentally, it was the first such hard dry land in the series, previously the teams had consistently scored four goals each.


Vanguard is its own doctor. Opportunities need to be turned into goals, not just created. What the team from Omsk managed to do in each game of the series until the last one. And it’s safer to play defensively. How did you manage to win 2-0 to 55 minutes before the last battle and finally lose the match? In the past again, up to 55 minutes, draw and lose again. The conclusion suggests itself, the “hawks” sat down physically and there are simply not enough of them for the entire 60 minutes, not to mention the overtime, which they lost twice to Kazan in the same way.


The avant-garde has nowhere to retreat, each next game may be its last in the season. It makes no sense for him to sit in defence, in extra time his chances are quite poor as we can see. It was necessary to somehow beat the opponent in the regulation time. You have to attack, which means leaving free zones. What do the attackers Radulov, Shchipakov, Kagarlitsky need. Like defender Voinov, these 40 points have a goal + pass system, more than half of the league’s forwards will envy his performance. Kazan scored Avangard in all matches of the series. Three of them have more than one puck. It took them 14, 10 and 3 minutes. I don’t know if the final of the conference will end with this confrontation or if the intrigue will live on. But for sure, in the upcoming matchup, the hosts of the site will be able to sign at least twice at the gates of guests. As signed at least twice in 10 of the last 11 avant-garde parties in the capital of Tatarstan.