After the first two games of the series, the teams move to Omsk, with one victory in Kazan. And if before the start of the series it seemed that Avangard was the favorite in this confrontation, after the first two games it becomes obvious. Vanguard looks fresher and more confident than AK bars. The Omsk leaders make the difference in every game and the team as a whole is very selfless and rational. There are big doubts if AK Bars will be able to get at least one more victory in this confrontation. Especially in Omsk.

AK Bars

AK Bars, who suffered a lot with the Admiral, defeated the second round of the Gagarin Cup. However, it is very likely that the forces spent in the previous confrontation may not be enough in the Vanguard series. Which becomes clear after the first two games. On home ice, Kazan did not look like full-fledged hosts in either the first or second game. There are no questions about the dedication and willingness of the players. Both teams are staffed by high-level champions. And with seemingly comparable starting points, Omsk is at least a little better than the opponent in almost all aspects that affect the outcome of matches. The team, even when succumbing during the match, does not look confused. The home win in the first leg was due to a rather short-lived loss of tone as a result of the pause created by the minimum number of matches needed for Avangard to win the series against Metallurg. Overall, AK Bars looked better than Avangard only in the first period of the first game in Kazan. But as soon as Omsk entered the game, the picture of the confrontation changed dramatically.


Vanguard is one of the leaders in most game metrics. The Majority and Minority Special Brigades perform their tasks perfectly, in defense the team works incredibly reliably and selflessly, the leaders are consistently noted for effective actions, Vasily Demchenko reliably works at the goal … The team looks fresh and charged to win, from the first to the last minute, regardless of the opponent and the course of the match. Vanguard has a great playoff. The team is a definite contender for the Gagarin Cup this season. We are waiting for a home victory in Omsk. But since this is the playoffs, we will insure with the handicap)