Dynamo Moscow

Dynamo hasn’t been taken very seriously for a long time… The team frankly has slipped to some mediocre results, and in matches against big rivals it does very little, and in fact the capital also has problems with medium peasants from time to time. So in the last round, the trip to Jarosław for Dynamo ended in an absolutely toothless 0:3 defeat. In fact, on the eve of the derby in the capital, there is no particular faith in Dynamo. Baryś, Sochi, the capital has defeated such rivals recently, but with more top teams it was much more difficult. This is actually not the greatest probability that this match will end with a positive result for the hosts.


CSKA plays at more or less its level throughout the season. At the moment, there is no exemplary game and performance of the army team, but in more than 2 matches in a row they do not allow themselves to be left without points. Now CSKA landed on a series of draws, and now in the 3rd matchday in a row with their rivals, they drew in the main time of the match. As for the upcoming match, here CSKA definitely does not look like an outsider and is able to add some points to their piggy bank. In January, the teams have already met twice, and both matches ended in draws after 60 minutes of the match. Well, in principle even now it could be an even fight, but rather in this even fight the guests will be closer to victory.


The derby is unpredictable. But if you’re making any predictions, you’ve got to start somewhere. At the point of the season, CSKA still looks much more advantageous, and they have more stable and high-quality results to show. In fact, I will try to stop here on the bet option: X2. Without points earned, guests should not stay here.