Magnitogorsk metallurgist

This series develops quite predictably in the sense that the matches turn out to be extremely close, but Metallurg’s higher experience pays off and the team pushes the opponent at the decisive moment. As for the upcoming match, the morale is clearly better on Metallurg’s side. In the end, they were victorious in the second overtime of the previous game. What’s more, the puck was abandoned in a completely absurd way, and such a result could easily break Avtomobilist in its entirety. Well, it’s like the second match in a row Metallurg takes in the second overtime. And the Drivers must be crushed very badly by such an extremely unfortunate episode of the series. Now Metallurg is leading the series 2:1, although they lost the first match, but the class and experience are doing their thing and perhaps in the upcoming fight Metallurg is again a strong favorite, since Avto may already be completely suppressed by such absurd defeats they suffered in previous meetings.


The drivers started the season well, but somewhere in the middle of the distance everything started to fall apart for them and they started collecting defeats in batches. As a result, we took only 4th place in the east and immediately reached Metallurg. Although there was a time when Auto was at the forefront even at the conference. The current series can probably be called bad luck, since Yekaterinburg has already lost two fights in a row in the second overtime. But I would still call it more powerful stamina and Metallurgist experience. As for the upcoming meeting, this meeting is very important for the visitors, because after that it will be very difficult to draw a 3-1 series. But how to achieve this victory in this duel is a difficult question … Hutnik is naturally charged with additional emotions from such victories, but this can only depress Auto. So, frankly, it will be difficult to call Yekaterinburg a favorite here.


The bookmakers do not give a particularly overwhelming advantage to the site owners here. Yes, of course, it’s dangerous to bet on a clear home win here, as 2 out of 3 matches in this series ended in overtime. But when it comes to who will be closer to victory here, Metallurg, who has already had two hard wins in this series, looks like the clear favorite here. Here I will actually focus on the betting option: Handicap (0) on Metallurg.