Metallurgist Novokuznetsk

In retaliation for losing the second game on their ice, Metallurg also managed to win the second game in Voskresensk. Yes, only in overtime, but what a difference, in the series the score is even. And in regulation time, the “forge” managed to score four goals. And in the first game of the series also four. And three more in the first game on Khimik’s site.

Chemist Voskresensk

The last game was full of drama for both teams. The chemist managed to make up for the losses twice during the match and move the fight to overtime. But Sundays were not enough for more. They lasted only seven minutes in the fourth period.


The series again moved to Novokuznetsk. And this is a great opportunity for Metallurg to take the lead in this. He played brilliantly throughout the season. As part of the regular season, he won 15 of his 25 home games in regular time. Four more after extra time and scored 92 goals. In eight playoff games on his ice, he again won six times and scored 23 goals. In half of these matches, the team scored at least three goals. I do not undertake to judge whether the owners of the site will be able to win in the upcoming match. But I am sure that they will pursue it in good faith and for the fourth time in a row, at least three times, the traffic light in front of the opponent’s goal will definitely be able to light it.