Siberia has already caught up with the leading Avtomobilista in points, but only the “snowmen” played two more matches. Syberia is doing quite interesting this season, and the interesting thing is that somehow, quite calmly and imperceptibly, the team has already managed to climb to 2nd place in the conference, although no one really talks about this team. Now Syberia already has a segment of 7 games where they score points, they don’t always win, but they try to get at least one point in overtime. Here, we can already safely assume that the “snowmen” will be able to score points in the upcoming match. Metallurg is now in a deep crisis and the team is losing to everyone in a row. So it won’t come as a surprise if Siberia’s excellent scoring streak continues in this matchup.

The metallurgist completely drove off the rails victoriously. The team loses a lot, and very unexpected fiascoes happen near Magnitogorsk, and above all, the meeting with Sochi is naturally striking, where Metallurg managed to lose, and the hopeless outsider broke a losing streak that lasted more than 20 games. Currently, Vorobyov’s men rarely miss games for themselves, and currently their win schedule is roughly one win in four games. In the last round, Metallurg lost to Avangard, now we have a meeting with one of the leaders of the conference and it is unlikely that Magnitogorsk will win this time. There will certainly be difficulties and difficulties for the Ural team again.

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