To win this micro-tournament, the Swedish team only needs to beat their opponent today, even a victory outside of regular time will be adequate. Generally, the Swedes have assembled a very solid team for the home stage of this tour. The first game was frankly unlucky. The Czech Republic were crushed in the game, created a huge number of chances, but the execution was still poor. And here came Hallam, who in yesterday’s match simply built a wonderful game. Switzerland was just shoved in the sides. The opponent had only thirteen shots on Enroth’s goal, Sweden rolled out without tension, so they could have scored many more. At the same time, it was clear that the hosts had not yet turned on the highest gear.


Finland, after a not very successful performance in Switzerland, slightly changed its composition. And victory came immediately. Under Jalonen, this team shows a very open hockey. True, in the match against Switzerland there was a complete defeat in defense. As a result, they managed to defeat rival Suomi, but only in overtime, although according to the game, everything should have ended earlier. But yesterday there was a complete relocation of the Czech national team. True, the Czechs were able to realize one of their moments early. But Sallinen and the whole second link simply tore the poor Czechs apart, although there were not that many shots on the opponent’s goal.


At the final stage, the Swedish team defeated the opponent in a penalty shootout. It is worth noting that in this meeting Sweden dominated even on neutral ground. For now, everything is fine in Finland, everything is going well, but the problems in defense are obvious. Something needs to be done urgently. Because the Swedish national team is very angry at home. After an offensive defeat in the first leg, the Swedes left no stone unturned from Switzerland. A very tight match where the opponent was forced to withdraw, in which he had many chances. These same Finns have enough problems with discipline. So there will be deletions. Generally such Sweden is too dangerous in attack, betting on their pucks today.