Maple leaves from Toronto

Toronto believed in its victory early on. Before the last fight, he was leading the series 3-1 and he can pay for it. The account has been reduced to a minimum thanks to their leniency in defense. Playing in an extreme confrontation on his ice, he allowed the opponent to throw 38 times into his own goal. The result was 4 light signals behind these very gates. The answer “Maple Leaves” achieved only two goals.

Lightning in Tampa Bay

The finalist of the last three Stanley Cups and the owner of two of them showed character. He wasn’t afraid of the other side, he fought in the offensive manner characteristic of Tampa in recent years. And for this he received a well-deserved victory. This time. The series moved to the website “Lightning”. That’s two. The chances of getting into the next rand have increased. It’s three. It is worth noting, but none of the four goals were scored by the first attacking and most productive three of the team led by Kucherov …


… And the fact that in the last battle of Lightning, players who did not expect it (well, unless Killoron is an exception) and those who, on the contrary, expected to score, performed differently functions, once again emphasizes that the offensive potential of the teams is huge. This was confirmed by the end of the regular season, in which Tampa scored 283 goals. For sure, in the upcoming duel, Cooper’s team will throw lightning at the gate frame of Toronto. Which, by the way, conceded 117 goals in 41 away games in the championship, averaging 2.8 goals per game. Of these, six on two trips to the Amalie Arena. Three in each. It is unlikely that they will meet the same fate on a subsequent visit to the same place. “Lightning” mustered up courage. Attacking is their forte. The fans in the stands will frantically push their favorites forward. Point, Stamkos, Hagel, Kucherov will certainly not be silent for the second game in a row and will probably score a goal or two. And then comes the third. As you can see, Tampa is strong in the foreign zone and you can expect a successful throw from each. What can I say, even if defenders Hedman and Sergachev both have 52 and 67 points per season on a goal + pass system. Based on the available data, I would venture to suggest that in the sixth game of the series, Tampa Bay will be able to score at least three goals, as before in four confrontations.