When it comes to Boston, the first thing that comes to mind from words is reliability itself. The Bears have been leading in the East for a long time and they are not getting close, as in 43 matches they have only 3 defeats in regular time. So Jim Montgomery’s team shines with stability this season, so much so that it blinds. The day before yesterday, the hosts of Boston won another victory, bringing the Philadelphia “pilots” from heaven to earth (6:0).

The New York team loses its former positions. Now there is no place in the top five of the East, and wins happen less often than we would like. Lane Lambert’s side have had three straight wins last year, but things are a bit hazy for next year. We lost 6 out of 8 games, we won against unpretentious Montreal and Vancouver, who are scoring a bit by the way. On a deeper level, the Islanders have 14 defeats in their last 22 matches, and one day they failed to hold a 3-0 win against Washington and were penalized by the opposition in overtime.

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