Vityaz continues to actively fight for the top eight of the West and has been successful so far with varying degrees of success. Yes, they score points quite actively, but there is no airbag in sight. In the upcoming meeting, the bookmakers naturally give priority to the hosts, because they will be visited by an honest outsider of the entire league. But only now did Sochi get a long-awaited win on the final matchday, and that could be a boost for the team to go even further. Viteź has a modest defense and cannot boast of a good game at their own goals. They concede less than 2 goals per game very rarely, and in fact they are now on a 5-match streak where they have conceded at least two. Sochi will definitely feel some improvement now, and they can easily complicate Balashikh’s life. Here you can actually take a closer look at the betting option – related to riding on the sum of “leopards”.

Sochi has long lived in its own atmosphere, the team is very far behind everyone else, and now they are just finishing the championship, trying to somehow please their fans. In the last round, the long-awaited event took place and Sochi broke a losing streak that had already lasted 20 games. It happened in a duel with Metalurg and somehow Sochi won 3:2. When it comes to the upcoming match, such a moment can easily work here that after one good match, another will follow. Well, maybe you don’t need to count on a second victory for Sochi, but you can consider the option that they will at least impose a fight and score some goals against the opponent. Sochi recently increased their scoring and at least a couple of goals per game started to score. Now it may turn out that this time the offensive game of the “leopards” will more or less show itself with dignity.

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