Avalanche in Colorado

Colorado’s poor start to the regular season has a brilliant finish. Moreover, he still has a chance to win the conference. The Avalanches are currently third in the Western Conference but are six points behind leaders Vegas and have two more games to play. The reigning Stanley Cup winner has won eight of the last ten rounds. And in nine of them he scores more than two goals.

The Kings of Los Angeles

Los Angeles was also victorious in the conference. But after an unsuccessful end to the regular season, they dropped to fifth place, actually sharing 3-5 places with competitors. However, he has three rounds left to play, just like Vegas, and he will fail to get an opponent. And the quality of the Kings game suggests that either he is now in decline. Or started saving energy for playoff games. 4 of the last 6 matches “Kings” lose in regular time. The last two are missing 3 and 5 goals.


Lost Los Angeles and 9 of the last 11 Colorado dates. And on nine occasions he missed three goals. yes there are three He flew into his goal in these fights and 4 and 5 and 6 and even 9 goals. Go through the game in Denver without hesitation will offer to play for the victory of the champion. But even so, his ice for Kings refrains from such a bet. But playing the goals scored by the visitors stops nothing. The “Kings” in defense are now very average. Colorado is not bad at attacking throughout the regular season, with 262 goals to his name, averaging 3.4 goals per game. Goalkeepers in Los Angeles forward “avalanche”, as mentioned above, a nightmare on a regular basis, no matter on whose ice the meeting takes place. I don’t know how the opponents will split the points. But based on the available data, I would venture to suggest that guests will once again be able to turn on the light signal in front of the hosts’ gate at least three times.