Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago lost their playoff chances a long time ago. In nine out of ten extreme battles, the “hawks” fly like plywood over Paris. Despite this, he does not miss the opportunity to sometimes put sticks in the wheels of his rivals. This was the case in the penultimate round, when the “Indians” defeated Calgary 4-3. It is true that in the last round everything worked out and Winnipeg pointed the loser to his place, defeating him 3:0.

Kraken from Seattle

Seattle at the end of the regular season was forced to overthrow its fans. lost 7 out of 11 matches. He fell to the very end of the eight play-offs. The Kraken arrives and is now seventh in the Western Conference. However, with victories in the last three rounds, the ninth Calgary “squid” is no longer within reach. They don’t have a big chance of advancing to the 4th place, to which they have to make up 4 points.


Whether Seattle manages to win the right to its ice in the first pilaf matches depends not only on him. But if he himself doesn’t score maximum points in the remaining three rounds, then the Kraken will definitely not have that ice. The opponent will come to him not so that he is not motivated, but completely disassembled and hungry for the end of the championship. The Squids have already beaten the Hawks 8-5 on penalties this year. I do not know if the rivals will once again please the audience with a shootout. But much more convincing today and more motivated in the regular season ending, Seattle is sure to please its fans in the stands with another 36 clean wins.