Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim broke the silence and began to forge one win after another. First, the Californians defeated Washington and Carolina in guest bouts, and after returning to the ice, they defeated Chicago and Montreal. A loss between them is a defeat from the “capital” in response, but outside of regular game time. Now the “mighty ducks” are 14th in the West, and with Seattle bottom, they almost always have an effective contest.

Kraken from Seattle

Dave Huxtall’s side weathered the crisis and won more than two games in a row for the first time since mid-January. Seattle had a very successful road series and was able to win all 4 games. During regulation time, St. Louis (5-3) and Columbus (4-2) were defeated, and the Krakens attacked Detroit and Colorado in overtime. If we also manage to play home matches, the team could move up above the current 4th place, given the high density of the table.


While Anaheim is second to Seattle in terms of resources and ambition, they have shown in previous games that they have gained competitive terms. Both opponents are in good form, and in personal meetings only once in 5 matches have scored less than 6 goals. In the current regular season, the teams delighted the audience with an extremely spectacular and productive hockey game, scoring at least 8 goals in 60 minutes in each of the two games.