Colorado managed to get 2 wins in a row, but it’s too early to talk about getting out of the crisis, because they won at home in matches against not the strongest opponents. Overall, the Avalanches have been far from their best form in the last month, often losing while showing poor defensive play, often conceding 5-6 goals per game, with an average of 5.7 goals per game throughout the season.

Calgary, like their opponent, has not been very stable lately, but is generally in a slightly better form, as in the away series, the “Lights” failed to score in just one game, and even managed to beat Dallas on their court. In general, Calgary is a typical average villager, the team is not particularly solid in defense, scoring an average of 3 goals per game, but at the same time they also differ on average just over 3 times per game in attack.

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