This match will be the penultimate, seventh in a series of friendly matches between friendly countries Belarus and Russia. And who of them will be happy this time, one can already argue. As the series moves briefly to Minsk, where the hosts will surely do their best to somehow brighten up the 1:5 aggregate score so far not in their favor. At least the Belarusians, with the support of their home crowd, are able to score at least 2 goals. At the same time, focusing on previous meetings with the Russians, which ended with a score of 7:4 and 2:6.

Russia under 25

As for the “red car” itself, its hockey gasoline and fuse began to noticeably weaken at the end of the ongoing friendly series with Belarus. This is clearly seen in the extreme results, where Russia already won with less agility than before … and even pushed the time to overtime. Well, here the Russians will be under even more pressure. At least the Belarusians at home will certainly start to move and play more actively than when away. Thus, relying on the opposing defense with much larger forces than it was in away matches!


Most likely, out of pure solidarity, the Russian team will allow the Belarusian hockey players to satisfy their ego in the current round. Well, at least in Minsk, with the confluence of the local audience, Russia caresses the viewer’s eye with a kind of open double-edged scoring performance. Where again everything could end up in a real shootout on the ice, where there will be room for my bet on TTB 1 (2) at normal odds!)