Slovakia was preparing for the World Cup very averagely. He lost twice to the Czech Republic. Twice the Germans were stronger than the Slovaks. Well, Austria’s 6 missed goals and the 3-6 fiasco was the icing on the cake. But to the surprise of many, Slovakia in friendly matches and official matches are two completely different teams. Yes, they slightly lost to the Czech Republic, but when it comes to the game, Slovakia had the upper hand and might as well have won. We created so many chances against Latvia that you could have conceded 5 or 6 goals, but we were a bit unlucky.


Canada, as many thought after the result of the first game, will endure everyone on their way to the championship. Sent 6 pucks with no response to Latvian tournament hostess. But this result is the exception that proves the rule. The game was played with only a slight advantage of the Canadians. Another thing is the match against Slovenia. Half of the game was almost even. And it wasn’t until Slovenia’s defense began to break down and allow a lot in front of their goals that the Canadians took control of the game.


In the upcoming game, the founders of hockey will definitely not have a big advantage. Yesterday’s match against Slovenia required a lot of energy. The Slovaks were resting. The defense of the Europeans continues to operate without particular failures and should not afford as much as Slovenia has allowed. We’re not talking about any 5 or 6 discs by Canada. The match is likely to be a close fight. I consider the advantage of three goals for maple leaves to be an unbearable burden for today’s Slovakia.