Carolina Hurricanes

You can see that Karolina didn’t just get a series with Florida. In fact, in the first game, the Panthers’ 3 consecutive eliminations were a small gift to the Hurricanes in the first period, which saw them open the scoring. However, this did not disturb Florida, which in the next segment took the lead with a double. In turn, Karolina managed to equalize the score and postpone the match to overtime again at the expense of only the majority. In the second meeting, the “hurricanes” managed to open the score again, but then cut off. Florida, as they say, held out and took their chance to tie the score. I would note a detail… In the debut match, despite the stream of opponent’s deletions, Karolina managed to score only 2 goals, although the team rested for almost a week. And in the second game, Florida has already tightened the discipline, as a result of which only a goal in the 60th minute.

Panthers from Florida

I think the entire clip was shot by Karolina on the New Jersey show. Now it will be difficult for the Hurricanes to move forward against Florida, especially since the “Panthers” in the Toronto series almost improved this element. And if Florida doesn’t give gifts in the form of deletions, then the second game scenario is quite likely. And indeed, Karolina almost threw her opponent there, but out of almost forty throws, only 1 hit the goal. At home, the “Panthers” played competently in the Toronto series in defense, not allowing more than two goals to be scored. That being said, 1-2 goals are unlikely to be enough for the Hurricanes to win in regular time, especially away from home.


And in the play-off phase, the home court plays an almost key role. Speaking of the home court, let me point out that Karolina did not look particularly impressive on the trip. That’s only 2 away wins in regular time in the entire playoffs. But even so, Karolina’s team lacks those missing players, and of course Svechnikov, without whom it is extremely difficult for the Hurricanes to achieve the highest goals. And Florida, in turn, miraculously passed Boston, it is literally playing for courage and it is extremely difficult to stop such a beast, which for its part has an almost optimal composition for today. I think that Karolina, who did not show up in full glory at the PNC Arena, will not bloom and smell at the FLA Live Arena even more so. Given this, it is better to make a choice in the direction of “panthers”.