Germany is doing very well in the group stage. Yes, someone could look at the fact that the German team lost three opening games and quickly write them down against this background. It should be noted, however, that the Germans started the tournament against such rivals as Sweden, Finland, USA and all these 3 giants lost only the puck at the bottom. As the opponents became simpler, the Germans began to actively win. They are now on a three-fight win streak, beating Denmark 6-4, Austria 4-2 and Hungary 7-2. Much depends on the upcoming match, as Germany are currently in 4th position and in order not to look back at the Danes who can push them off this line, they only need to score 3 points against the French. Well, given the quality of Germany’s movement in this tournament, and in particular their brilliant attacking play, they are obviously able to handle the French with confidence.


France remains in the elite and this is the most important thing for the “tricolor”. But the impression the team left is mixed at this tournament. The French started very lively, took away points from opponents at their level, and the Finns tensed up to the max, losing to the hosts of the tournament 3:5. But apparently the team just ran out of steam and didn’t last the entire group stage. Since then there has been a fiasco of the Swedes 0:4, and the Americans 0:9. The French approached this meeting in a series of 2 matches in which they could not even score a goal. Considering how highly motivated the Germans will be in this meeting, it can be assumed that this match of the French may end in a toothless defeat of several goals.


The French completed the task for this tournament and stayed in the elite for another year. And it seems that the French team has already exhausted themselves to the limit and have no more strength. Well, the Germans are looking cheerful and are doing very well in attacking play this tournament. In fact, I’ll try to dwell on the betting option here: Handicap (-1.5) on Germany. It was easy for the French to be completely defeated.