Sharks from San Jose

San Jose has completely failed this season. The Californians have lost a huge number of games and it is logical that they are bottom of the table in the Western Conference. Team David Quinn’s reporting meeting will end a series of visits to Canada, during which the Sharks lost to Edmonton (4-5 overtime) and Vancouver (2-7) with the required number of medals.

Calgary flames

Calgary is 6 points behind Winnipeg with 9 games remaining in the regular season. Opponents have mostly stayed loyal, and the burden may be doable, but not for the “lights” with their rare scoring rate. Recently, Darryl Sutter’s team has played many horse matches, including against Ottawa (5-1), Vegas (7-2), Dallas (5-6 overtime), :4 OT) 1) or Los Angeles (2-8), what can you expect from the wide open Californians.


San Jose is addicted to playing open hockey, not chasing high goals and not afraid of making mistakes. It is because of the style and the huge problems at home that meetings involving the “sharks” are often productive, with the league average total breaking through in most matches. In 5v5 friendlies, including this season – 2:5 and 3:7.