New Jersey Devils

The first “away” game in the series was clearly not a success for the Devils. In the first period, the team had already missed twice, and the score after the first twenty minutes was 11:1 in favor of the “owners” of the site. And this despite the fact that the Devils are one of the most “throwing” teams in the regular season. In the second minute of the second period, Karolina scored for the third time in the match, and then acted on the result. The score of the first game is 5:1 in favor of the Hurricanes.

Carolina Hurricanes

Karolina, on the contrary, started the series “for health”. The Hurricanes, though bled out by injuries to some of the leaders, look very evenly matched. The team is efficient and organized. The credibility of the Hurricanes’ goaltenders raises some questions, but so far this has not become a problem for the Brindamore team.


Both teams are used to looking for the “key to victory” in offensive actions throughout the season. Of course, responsibility in playoff games makes its own adjustments to the game’s history, but the days of “traps” in the NHL are thankfully over. Also, team goalkeepers are not stable. Prominent matches alternate with very uncertain ones. Which gives grounds to expect an effective game of the teams in the second match of the round.