“Lightning” scored a good move and almost added points for the week. Columbus, St. Louis and Seattle scored at least 4 goals in their own net and could not resist the attack of John Cooper’s team. “Orks” were among those who fell under the hot sticks of “electronics”, but they lost more worthily than the other victims – 4:5. Tampa are playing well against Vancouver and the probability of a positive result in regulation time is very high.

After a good performance in December, Vancouver started to lose a lot again. Until the recent meeting with Karolina, the team went on a streak of four away defeats in regulation time and managed to break it only according to the results of the ball lottery, despite the fact that they moved the match to overtime seconds before the whistle. For a week and a half, the “orcs” have been wandering around other arenas, but the appearance of their Rogers Arena in Tampa does not bode well.

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