Vanguard is coming to the series with Metallurg as the couple’s favorite. It is understandable that the team had a more clear series, although the opponent in the person of Syberia was not easy at all. But only one match fell to the rival. And then Omsk gave it out of normal time. Overall, Vanguard has long been second to none on a regular basis. From a broader perspective, the last time it happened was on February 15, during a meeting with Ufa. Since then, 10 matches in a row, the “hawks” on the basis of regular time are not in the status of losers. I said that the rival in the face of Siberia is not easy. But despite this, there were victories in 1 goal. In which Avangard lost only one goal.

Magnitogorsk metallurgist

But Metallurg had a very difficult series, which completely exhausted all the forces from the word. And there was no certainty. Driver was preferred. Even in the last game of the series, the team from Yekaterinburg did not have enough minutes to last and go further. “Foxes” in victory in regular time do not raise any certainty if you start with the proposed result. In 60 minutes, they had only 1 win in the round of 16 series. Yes, even at home. Even in this winning match, Metallurg decided the result only from the middle of the third period, when 3 goals in a row flew into the Avtomobilista goal.


The main backbone here should be based on the freshness of the Vanguard. Omsk will have a big advantage in this respect, at least in the series’ debut. Well, the opponent is not easier. If Metallurg didn’t get a single win in Yekaterinburg in regular time, it might not be as successful in Omsk. But in the first game it’s hard to believe, at least in the first one for sure. Another significant advantage is that Vanguard has a stable advantage. In nearly every game in the Round of 16, the Hawks scored at least three goals per game. Although you can’t expect achievements in attack from Metallurg. In two matches of the series with Avtomobilist, the Foxes did not score more than 2 goals. In one of them, they limited themselves only to the goal. In one match, the steering wheel was fully extended forward. Well, in the last game, they could have gone with a goal, if it wasn’t for the feat already at the end of regulation time. And here, not being fresh, it is all the more dangerous to expect “Magnitogorsk” in the first game of discovery. That’s why it’s better not to risk it and make a choice in favor of the hosts, having a handicap, it looks even more confident. Well, back on the subject of Yekaterinburg, Metallurg doesn’t look too cool on the road. If you look at the big picture, there are only 2 wins in regular time out of 13 matches. And Avangard have recently adapted to Metallurg, playing on their own ice. The last 3 personal meetings in Omsk were for the “hawks”, two of them with a difference of 4 goals.