The Czech Republic started this tournament satisfactorily, not to say very colorful, but they still beat the Slovak team 3: 2. Now we are facing one of the main outsiders of the group and here, of course, the Czechs will have a brighter and more confident game. The defense of the Kazakh team clearly does not pretend to be an exemplary attitude, and the Czech team is able to take full advantage of this. The Czechs started the first match of this tournament cheerfully and scored three goals in the first 20 minutes, after which there was silence. As for the Czech defence, it has never been particularly powerful, and given the rather modest defensive line-up of the Czechs in this tournament, it’s safe to assume that a lot of them will be missed in this tournament. Here, in fact, it is suggested quite actively in this meeting, the driving total bet. Perhaps the local Czechs can have fun in the attack, but the Kazakhs will not be left on dry food rations either.


The defense of the Kazakhstan national team will obviously have great difficulties in this tournament. The team from Asia presented itself modestly during the preparatory meetings for the tournament, it also started the first match of the World Cup with a defeat, losing the Norwegians twice in the first 10 minutes, and it seems that only the belief in the Scandinavians that the match was already settled miraculously restored the Kazakhs’ score, and even they managed to win 3-4 on penalties. As for the upcoming match, against the top teams, of course, it will be very difficult for the Kazakhs to count on something, but they will naturally turn around. Here, it can actually be assumed that after missing half a dozen into their own net, the Kazakhstan national team is able to throw something at the opponent. So you can take a closer look at the riding sum version for this fight.


Of course, first of all, they are waiting for abandoned pucks from the Czechs. But perhaps the Kazakhstan national team is also able to add its five cents. And the final sum can turn out to be quite a horse here. I will try to bet on TB here, but I will focus on option: TB(6). Pads 4-5 are waiting for the Czechs. Well, the Kazakh team is able to build a couple.