Blues St Louis

st. Louis will no longer move above the current 11th place in the West, but that fact does not prevent the team from presenting decent results at the end of the regular season. In the last month, Berubi’s men have rarely left the ice without points, avoiding losing streaks while displaying high form. At the moment, the Blues are heading to a three-game series with a complete point, having played against Boston (3-4 penalties), Philadelphia (4-2) and Rangers (3-2 overtime).

Wild Minnesota

The impressive series of “savages” from the 21st match with a complete set of points is over. Such a solid segment was replaced by a series of three defeats, during which the Evason team lost twice to Vegas (1-4 and 3-4 penalties), and also suffered a defeat in Pittsburgh (1-4). In the current regular season, Minnesota met the St. Louis three times and conceded at least two goals in each case – 8-5, 5-2 and 0-3.


st. Louis will look forward to a summer rebuild and a carefree end to the regular season, with no change to an open, attacking style of play on a collision course. Two or more simple “musicians” have scored in 19 of the last 20 games and are likely to do so again, as they almost always succeed in personal encounters with Minnesota (12 of 13 head-to-head).