Vegas Golden Knights

He doesn’t have a comfortable advantage over active Vegas chasers, but he still leads the Western Conference. This month, the “knights” are fine with a set of points. Bruce Cassidy’s team won 5 times in 6 games in March and faced much tougher opponents than St. Louis. They won against Tampa (4:3 overtime), New Jersey (4:3 penalties), Montreal (4:3) and twice against Karolina 3:2 and 4:0.

Blues St Louis

st. Louis is gearing up for a rebuild and the team’s roster has undergone significant changes over the winter. The Blues resigned themselves to losing their playoff chances, losing 14 points to the top eight. Craig Berubi’s team is just finishing the regular season, sometimes struggling against weaker opponents. After 2:6 from Arizona, the “musicians” won the meetings with San Jose and Columbus, but Vegas is an opponent on a completely different level.


At the start of the regular season, St. Louis was able to beat the “jumpers”, and in December Vegas pressed the opponent only in overtime. But the “musicians” are now weakened by the loss of significant players, apart from the guests’ condition in perfect order. Cassidy’s team is winning, defending the leadership of the conference, and after losing to Karolina, the prospects for the hosts are frankly slim. st. Louis can’t handle teams of this level and has previously been worse than Karolina (1-4), Seattle (3-5) and Los Angeles (2-4), and there will be no advantage on home ice due to the difference in resources and form games.