Kraken from Seattle

Seattle blew their home streak, losing 3 out of 4 games. But I have to say that Dallas, after beating the Krakens twice, is informative and works qualitatively this month. Apart from him, the team of Dave Hakstall left Ottawa, thus confirming that the youngest representative of the league performs at home with varying degrees of success, taking only 10th place in the conference in this indicator. The fifth line went to Edmonton, and now there is a good opportunity for rehabilitation in California.

Sharks from San Jose

San Jose has been losing in a row all season, and has recently gone completely downhill. The Californians have 9 pockets in 10 previous fights, and the only success at that time was overtime. Thus, the “sharks” replaced Chicago in last place in the Western Conference, which they also occupy according to the results of home games, in particular, doing very poorly at their SAP Center Arena, where they managed to score only 21 points in 33 games played.


The already weak “sharks” left the main gunner Mayer, which reduced the severity of the attack. While Seattle has lost 3 home games in a row, the Krakens are strong on the road, with them ranked 2nd in the West after Vegas. The Californians were able to beat Huxtall’s side via shutout at home last month, but that was the only blank spot for a long time as they went without wins in regular time in their next 10 games and their current fitness doesn’t allow them to break that streak in a match with an ambitious opponent.