Blues St Louis

st. Louis is gearing up for a rebuild that has slowly begun, but the regular season needs to be played. Today, Craig Berubi’s team is ranked 11th in the West, the play-off issue has long since been eliminated, but the bluesmen can fall even lower. Barely had the team recovered from a long losing streak with a 6-3 away win over San Jose before losing again in Los Angeles 2-4. a month ago Louis met Arizona and then scored 10 goals for two in regular time.

Arizona Coyotes

Arizona’s ranks are thinning. Ritchie, Gostisbeher, Bjugstad and Chichran joined the rosters of more competitive teams as the Coyotes haven’t made playoffs in a long time. Andre Turigny’s team is even lower than the owners of the ice rink – in 13th place with 52 points after 63 matches. Now the “dogs of the desert” have a series of three defeats against Dallas (2:4), Karolina (1:6) and New Jersey (4:5 overtime) and very often play horse matches.


Here, the stakes are not in attacking and throwing skills, but in passing defense. Both teams lose a lot and lose a lot, which is no surprise. st. Louis averages 3.66 goals per game and Arizona averages 3.6. Neither of them are pretending anything and might as well play loose, open and without any load and score the required number of goals, which was in 5 of the last 7 personal meetings.